artwork © JUDITH BENNETT:  

left to right:  Convergence with Attitude series #4, 2, 1 & 3​, 10 x 10

I am intuitive in my approach …   

Whether painting or printmaking, my art often takes on its own life as I work through my artistic process. This leads me to feel my way onto the surface I am using – be it canvas, a printing plate or paper.

I am especially inspired by nature and my environment – drawn and excited by the shapes, spaces, shadows and reflections found there. Especially fascinating is the limitless variation, patterns and movements born from these wondrous and intricate contours.

My surfaces are complex, incorporating organic and geometric shapes – and the play between them. I combine color, line and texture through layering, mark-making, glazes and varied print techniques to create depth, richness and mystery. Scratching, drawing, rubbing and collage (chine colle`) further enhance the dynamics, enticing the viewer to discover what is "not apparent" at first glance.